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Feeling tired, drained, exhausted, and depressed? These are symptoms commonly known as fatigue.  Fatigue is a sign that your body is feeling physical or emotional stress. Thinking that it will just go away is a common mistake that most people make.  Causes may include improper diet, nutritional deficiencies caused by medications, lack of activity,exercise, or sleep, high stress levels causing spikes in cortisol levels and fatiguing your adrenals, or just feeling alone.  Furthermore, conditions such as H-Pylori,  Vitamin D deficiency, hormonal imbalances, and Candida Albacans also have a profound affect on a person's energy level and overall health. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing unexplained fatigue, don't ignore it. Helping them and/or yourself can change your life.

The first step to living your life to the fullest is yours to make, so take action and get the energy back in your life.


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